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'A SECOND CHANCE - RIVALS!' - Original Score with Me-Lee Hay.

Feature by Glen Pictures. Stars Emily Morris and Stella Shute. The rivalry continues...

In cinemas now!




'GOING FOR GOLD' - Original score.

Feature by Glen Pictures starring Kelli Berglund ('Lab Rats', 'How To Build A Better Boy') and Emily Morris.

Find it on Netflix.



'NA NAIA A LEGEND OF THE DOLPHINS' - Contributed music to Magic Factory Productions Inc's feature documentary 'Na Naia The Legend Of The Dolphins', as told by Kate Winslet, Elen Page, Gerard Butler, Megan Fox, James Franco, Julian Lennon, Diego Luna, Cheech Marin, Whoopi Goldberg, Isabella Rossellini and Daryl Hannah.




'GODDESS' - music for the short by Alex Vickory Howe and Alyssa Mason starring Tiffany Lyndall-Knight ('Battle Star Galactica', 'I, Robot', 'Smallville', 'Supernatural', 'Wolf Creek' TV series, 'Red Dog', 'The Babadook', 'Stargate', 'Capote', 'The Twilight Zone', 'Chloe', 'Danger 5' and more...)



'RAISING THE BAR' - Original score.

A feature by Glen Pictures starring Disneys Kelli Berglund ('Lab Rats', 'How To Build A Better Boy'), Lili Karamalikis, Emily Morris, Tess Fowler, Adam Tuominen, Jack Tomich, Isabelle Andary-Geslin, Caetlyn Collins and Peta Shannon. Also features performances by Olympic gymnastic gold medallist, Jordyn Wieber.

Find it on Netflix.



'INNER DEMON' - Sound edit, sound design, foley, original score and 5.1 Dolby mix.

Starring newcomer Sarah Jeavons, Andreas Sobik and Kerry Reid, 'Inner Demon' is the second feature installment in award winning Ursula Dubrowsky's Demon Trilogy.




Arrangements, performance and production for strings, piano, synth, acoustic guitar, choir and fx for the song 'Shining Light' by Australian band, 'AUDIO REIGN'.




'A SECOND CHANCE' - Original score & additional sound design.

Feature by Glen Pictures starring Emily Morris, Nina Pearce, Adam Tuominen, Amy Handley, Alanah Gilbert, Hapi Murphy and Carmel Johnson.


Music for the short film, '440' by Adelaide fimmaker Edoardo Crismani.




Twin Rivers poster'TWIN RIVERS' - Original score.

Twin Rivers is a period feature by TWOTONE PICTURES which was nominated for Best Feature Film at the SA Film awards.Twin Rivers is set in rural Australia at the outbreak of WW2 and stars Darren Holmes, Matthew Holmes, Robyn Dickinson, Joshua Jaeger and Hakan Magill.




Family Demons poster'FAMILY DEMONS' - Original score, additional sound design.

"Michael Taylor has produced one of the great scores of Australian dark genre cinema, it's simply sensational. The mood is eerie, creepy, and haunted house chill ..." ~

Also a Best Feature Film nominee at the SA Film awards, the psychological horror Family Demons has now earned SAYLAVEE'S Ursula Dubrowsky a swag of awards for various categories within the horror genre. Stars Cassandra Kane (from TV series 'Chuck Finn'), Kerry Reid, Alex Rafalowicz (also from Chuck Finn & Scott Hick's Shine), and Tommy Darwin.



Figaro Pho posterMusic for the TV series 'The New Adventures Of Figaro Pho'.

Created by Luke Jervicius, 'Figaro Pho' has been be seen in over 100 countries on services including Hulu, Netflix (excluding Australia) and commissioning broadcaster ABC3. The series was showered with awards including winning the Best Children’s Program Award in three continents (AACTA Awards in Australia, The Asian Television Awards in Singapore and Kidscreen in New York).



'TOUGH JOBS' - Original music for the episode 'Tassie Logger' of ABC Documentary series 'Tough Jobs' hosted by Maddie Parry.




'COFFEE?' - Sound edit, sound design, foley and music.

A comedy short by writer / director, Steve Lockley.




Cold Hearted Giant screenshot'THE COLD HEARTED GIANT' - Original score.

Animated childrens fantasy The Cold Hearted Giant by Gareth Lockett of Raging Pixel Productions in conjunction with the Western Australian Film & Television Institute.




'THE DATING SCENE' - Original score.

Quirky short film by Adelaide's own Alex Vickery Howe and Alyssa Mason.





Mexican Poo'THE MEXICAN POO STANDOFF' - A fun little cowboy score for the short film The Mexican Poo Stand-Off by TWOTONE PICTURES. This film is the epitome of real toilet humour, based on an all-too-real story!




'THE WINDOW' - Original score for short film by Axis Films.





My Life Oh Roulette'MY LIFE OH ROULETTE' - Score for short film based on a real life story, by multi-talented SEAN KING.





Red Haven'RED HAVEN' - Michael's music was licensed for use throughout the film Red Haven by Spanish writer/director Antony Rohald.




Magic Chain

'MAGIC CHAIN' - Original gamescore and sound FX for the multi-level app Magic Chain by WITCH BEAM GAMES. Available for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.






Angelfire trailer poster'ANGELFIRE' - Original trailer music promoting the graphic novel Angelfire by UK's DAEDALUS STUDIOS.



Dean Bird'DEAN BIRD' - Composition and arrangement of cello, Irish flute and banjo for Dean Bird's album Cricklewood Road. Dean has performed with popular artists including Jerry And The Pacemakers, Ireland's legendary Furey Brothers and the evergreen Foster and Allen.







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